WHO experts are “moonlighting” for pharmaceutical industry

Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet has revealed that key decision makers at the World Health Organization (WHO) are also being paid by the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the vaccine.

In the run-up to declaring swine flu as a pandemic, the WHO held an “Emergency Committee” which consisted of 18 “secret” scientists and medical professionals who met to decide whether to recommend upgrading swine flu to a pandemic. No one is allowed to know the name of these 18 people and the final decision is taken by the head of the WHO Director-General Margaret Chan.

Svenska Dagbladet thought this sounded a tiny bit undemocratic so decided to dig into the mysterious identities of this secretive board and guess what? Some of them are moonlighting for the pharmaceutical industry in consultation and advisory roles. Three of the fifteen members of the Emergency Committee have contacts with the pharmaceutical industry and receive money directly from vaccine companies according to the paper.

I notice that very few media or internet sites have picked-up on this story yet which is a little strange because it’s a rather serious conflict of interest don’t you think?

There is a rather complicated graphic here illustrating various links between the WHO and the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the swine flu vaccine.