Congratulations to natural climate change believers!

You can now stop trying to save us from Al Gore, environmentalists and scientists who have tried to “scare” us all into a “New World Order” of tyrannical government imposed environmental tax hell. Thanks to your tireless efforts and billions of dollars of mainstream media corporate propaganda that’s sown the seeds of doubt, fewer Americans than ever believe in Global Warming. Only 57% of them in fact – the lowest figure for three years.

The corporate world must be delighted. Congratulations. I’m off to burn this since the Earth obviously isn’t warm enough for some.

UPDATE 17/11/09: And then there’s the other smaller scale type of anti man made global warming propaganda YouTube videos like this that seem to imply that Al Gore was responsible for the collapse of the US auto industry and erm, the price of gas. Not quite so clever this kind of propaganda but for those that genuinely hate anyone who tries to suggest mankind may be responsible for unnaturally quick global warming and those that like Christmas song parodies, then I’m sure it’s very effective and hilarious.

It’s understandable why many people are falling for this propaganda. There’s quite rightly a lot of cynicism towards politicians and what they’re doing with public money and the corporate media are exploiting this terribly. But believing some of the junk highlighted above is simply running into the wide open arms of the corporate world who are lapping-up the confusion they are causing over climate change.