A must read by Seamus Milne on Norway and Islamophobia


The rise of Islamophobia in Europe and the US is the manipulated product of a toxic blend of economic insecurity, unprotected mass migration and the consequences of a decade of western-sponsored war in the Muslim world: from Afghanistan to Iraq, Pakistan to Libya.

It has become the new acceptable form of racism – far outstripping in opinion polls the level of hatred for any other religious or racial group, and embraced by those who delude themselves that anti-Muslim bigotry has nothing to do with ethnicity – and even represents some sort of defence of liberal values.

For those who failed to deliver decent jobs, wages and housing, and encouraged employers to profit from low-wage migrant labour, how much easier to scapegoat minority Muslim communities than deal with the banks and corporate free-for-all that triggered the crisis? The attempt to pathologise last Friday’s slaughter and separate it from the swamp that spawned it can only ratchet up the danger to all of us.

via In his rage against Muslims, Norway’s killer was no loner | Seumas Milne | Comment is free | The Guardian. 28 July 2011


1 thought on “A must read by Seamus Milne on Norway and Islamophobia

  1. When a scapegoat is officially being signalled, there is something wrong at the home front. There are evils of our own design that have to be diverted from.

    Right now two things come to my mind: the way we have treated the Arab nations since 1918, and the way we have been exploiting Africa for the past five centuries. As we are most apparently unwilling to change our ways on these topics, and the people from “down there” are starting to react, we demonise them even if just to buy time.

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