Bolivia – Land of bad photofits and democracy

Bolivia have found Wally (or Waldo if you're American)

Police in Bolivia have managed to catch a criminal using what’s been called the world’s “worst” photo-fit. For legal reasons, the criminal’s face wasn’t allowed to be shown on TV so the TV station cleverly masked his face with an “enhanced” version of the “artist’s impression” on the right.

While Bolivia’s policemen might need to work on their drawing skills, the country enjoys one of the most impressive democracies in the world. How many Western nations would be able to elect a working class president into power like Evo Morales? In 2006, Morales cut his salary by 57% to $1,875 a month to help fund public schooling – can’t imagine that kind of gesture being made by a leading Western politician either.

Maybe Morales could go even further though and start sending his police on a few drawing courses 😉


5 thoughts on “Bolivia – Land of bad photofits and democracy

  1. About as good as my art skills. Not to discredit Morales too much as he has done some good reforms in favour of the poor. If only is could be replicated. His monthly salary of $1,875 is still a huge amount more than the average GNI per capita per year of $1,260 in Bolivia (I know not the best way to talk about salaries but it is the best I could find). Not sure many UK politicians earn more in a month that the GNI per capita per year of their country.

  2. I wouldn’t have done much better to be fair. The TV channel however have no excuse – surely their technology extends beyond that lame masking effort.

    That’s true about the salary. My maths is as bad as my drawing. Still, the fact that an indigenous peasant has been elected at all still says a lot about the democracy they must have their. I think it’s considerably more impressive than the USA electing it’s first black President for example.

  3. Too true..although there is trouble within Bolivia, I hope that will not distablise it. As you might guess it in part is generated from non-idigenous vs indigenous!

  4. Yes, true although I think such tensions have less to do with race and more to do with power and wealth. The colonizing elites that originally robbed the indigenous population will obviously object to power and wealth being spread more equally throughout society. Those at the extreme end of this spectrum are not worried about resorting to illegal tactics either as the recent assassination attempt on Morales illustrates (including an Irish mercenary incidentally):

    Morales himself believed there was American involvement:

  5. Of course. Power and wealth is linked to race. Nothing new there. Not sure about American involvement. Will ask friends who’s brother lives out there. Ultimately you must have the spanish to blame.

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