A liberal whitewash of the ultimate crime

The BBC and Guardian both report today that the UK Ministry of Defence is probing allegations that Iraqis were tortured and abused by British troops.

But notice there will be no probe into the biggest crime of all – the war of aggression launched by the UK and it’s allies on Iraq. Since without this act, none of the above alleged crimes would have been possible, it should be this crime which is on the front pages, not the terrible acts of a few soldiers.

Why are the lessons and conclusions laid down by the Nuremberg tribunal and enshrined in law by the UN continually ignored by the liberal mainstream media? Quite rightly, they get extremely upset if someone tries to deny the holocaust. But they don’t even a raise a whimper when the laws that resolved to ensure nothing like it ever happened again are so blatantly ignored by those in power.

The Nuremberg tribunal defined aggression and aggressive war as the supreme international crime. This is exactly what the UK and it’s allies launched on Iraq in 2003. Benjamin Ferencz, one of the chief prosecutors at the Nuremberg trials, best describes how international law was clearly violated in 2003:

The United Nations charter has a provision which was agreed to by the United States formulated by the United States in fact, after World War II. Its says that from now on, no nation can use armed force without the permission of the U.N. Security Council. They can use force in connection with self-defense, but a country can’t use force in anticipation of self-defense. Regarding Iraq, the last Security Council resolution essentially said, ‘Look, send the weapons inspectors out to Iraq, have them come back and tell us what they’ve found — then we’ll figure out what we’re going to do. The U.S. was impatient, and decided to invade Iraq — which was all pre-arranged of course. So, the United States went to war, in violation of the charter.

Yet again, this is a textbook example of how the mainstream media continue to distract public attention away from the crimes of the powerful.


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