Capitalism: A Love Story review

The Guardian today reviewed Michael Moore’s latest film “Capitalism: A Love Story” premiered at the Venice film festival and gave it 4 stars. Sounds like a return to form for Moore although I think his last film “Sicko” was also pretty good, if a little sluggish in places. I’m glad to hear from the review that Moore points out that Goldman Sachs – one of the biggest culprits he identifies for the financial crisis – was Obama’s biggest private sponsor during the election.


3 thoughts on “Capitalism: A Love Story review

  1. “Fascism” is the dictatorship by the capitalist class!! When capitalism decides that their class interest is threatned by those that work for a living,… they eliminate all pretense of democratic free speech. free assembly, civil libertys. ..All constitutional guarantees are put on hold so as to keep the capitalist class from being overthrown by the working class. and establishing a dictartorship of the workers. This they believe is necessary so that the capitalist class could not come back to power with a counter revolution.
    The working class has a vested interest in overthrowing the capitalist class and taking over the means of production by eliminating the private market and establishing a planned economy that is designed to satisfy the basic needs of all the people without discrimination, rather then satisfy the appetite of individual capitalists that had exploited workers for generations by owning private property.
    Private Property, was aquired in the early days, by the conquering of weaker tribes and grabbing their land. Those that profited from owning land profited because of the exploitation of chattel slaves, share croppers and feudal serfs. …
    After the industrial revolution owners of factorys, mines and mills, got rich profiting from the exploitation of cheap labor.
    People that own for a living, have only land, factories, mines, mills and stores. None of these investments by owners is creating new value, until a decision is made, to create new value. New value is only created by the purchase of people that are willing to work for a wage. The worker creates value, and that value is measured by the amount of necessary time that is spent by that worker in the creation of that thing of value. That value could be exchanged for value that has an equal amount of socially necessary time attached to it.
    Because the worker that created a thing of value, receives value in the form of a wage, that is much less than the value that he or she created as a worker.
    The amount of value produced by the worker and not received by the worker is the amount that was stolen by the owner from the worker.
    The evidence of this grand theft is the fact that due to this exploitation of labor power all over the world, the workers had and have been encouraged to organize as a class, so as to receive more of that pie known as the gross national product.
    This thievery by the private sector is a form of stealing that overshadows every other kind of massive stealing!
    Taxes is not thievery, as some ignorant individuals would have you believe!
    The Government that has the responsability of maintaining social order so that the society can run without disruption, must collect taxes to pay for what is necessary to maintain order and promote the general good!

  2. Co-operation, not competition is the drievr of evolution. Ecology is based on it. Competition prunes the hedge it doesn`t provide the generative force.United we stand, divided we fall is the rule of Mother nature, red in tooth and claw as it often is.The Oligarchy know this rule they co-operate, collude, conspire (lit breathe together) to screw the rest of us. Of course there is cut-throat competition amongst themselves but they understand the rule.If you see them as they are Parasites, hard as it is to admit it, they have been successful evolutionarily throughout history. They invade their host`s cell (accomplished long ago) take over the central control mechanisms, mask themselves as part of the organism and if successful have a free lunch for ETERNITY (Welfare Statism) unless they over do it and either, destroy or be destroyed by, their host.It is THEY that have promoted the Malthusian/Darwinian mindset of pure competition for the masses and set it against their other pet Collectivism because thats how they operate divide and conquer. They don`t believe either viewpoint because neither is the correct one.At least since the BoE, the free market has never been free but I think it has a chance now if the people can put their differences aside and co-operate to cure themselves of this age old disease.

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