Healthcare is for Nazis

According to this woman at a town hall meeting in Massachusetts (isn’t that supposed to be the really intelligent state by the way i.e. Boston, MIT, Chomsky etc) it is anyway. She and her prankster buddy cleverly made a picture of Obama that looked like Hitler. Well actually, she basically just took a picture of Hitler and made him look black which, despite being flattered by her admiration for his health policy, I very much doubt The Fuhrer would have approved of. It’s interesting that these anti-Obama supporters often choose Hitler to compare him to when there are plenty of modern day examples of countries with a public health care system. Maybe she just felt that morphing Gordon Brown’s face into Obama’s was simply even more mental than free health care.

In reality however, the woman doesn’t have much to worry about. Hitler was far more of a healthcare “extremist” than Obama is. One of the main reasons Hitler became so popular in Germany was that he supported such things as a universal health care system (if you had blonde hair). As is to be expected of a politician that’s recently won power, Obama has already started backing-down and has no intention of providing anything as “crazy” as a comprehensive public healthcare system.


2 thoughts on “Healthcare is for Nazis

  1. Only in America! Let’s wait until this stupid woman has a child that has cystic fibrosis or some such disease, and is cleaned out financially, waiting for it to die, protesting at the brainless Sarah Palin and morphing the looks of Irma Grese onto her.

    He’s correct in that video, that talking to some people is on a par with being genetically related to an alligator-skin veneered dining table.

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