Top 5 2008 roundups and Happy New Year!

Barack Obama in San Antonio

Barack Obama in San Antonio

I try not to think back too much on days like today because a) My memory is atrocious so I can’t and b) It’s kind of scary wondering where the hell the year went. On the former point, I have problems remembering what I did yesterday so trying to remember what happened at any given moment in 2008 sends my brain into spasms that eventually crashes my system with the human equivalent of the blue screen of death that Windows users are more than familiar with.

Four big events that spring to mind however are the election of Obama, Spain’s dazzling Euro 2008 triumph, The Olympics and of course, to top it all in style like a mad party that’s gone off the scale, the worst world economic crisis since the 1930’s. I should probably also add the dramatic end to the Manchester United v Chelsea Champions league Final in May also although I’ve forgotten most of what happened there – I’m sure John Terry hasn’t though.

As a way to round-off 2008 then, here are 5 excellent 2008 websites that will have you remembering things that you’d long forgotten:

1. The BBC’s most read stories of 2008

2. New York Times 2008 in Pictures

3. 80 Best Lifehacks of 2008

4. 50 Best Movies of 2008

5. Top Google Searches of 2008

Have a Happy New Year and here’s to 2009!


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