Michael Moore on the auto industry bailout

Michael Moore on MSNBC with Keith Olberman

Michael Moore on MSNBC with Keith Olberman

Michael Moore makes some good points here on the Countdown show with Keith Olberman on MSNBC. If General Motors are only worth $3 billion, why are they asking for an $18 billion loan from the government? He also makes the point that the auto industry has been going downhill for the past 30 years because they keep sacking people so there’s simply not enough consumers to buy their cars. And if the government and auto industry were serious about building clean transport (US cars pump out more pollution than European and Asian motorists put together) they would come together as they did in World War 2 and find cheap, clean alternatives for people to use.

During WW2, Franklin Roosevelt’s government effectively took over the car industry in the USA and demanded that they build tanks and transportation to help the war effort. The current economic crisis is an economic war and requires the same kind of collaboration – not a $34 billion gift to the auto industry.

Incidentally, Michael Moore’s first film Rodger & Me was made almost 20 years ago about the closing down of a General Motors plant in his hometown of Michigan at a time when the company was making record profits.

One technical point – MSNBC’s website does not allow embedding of their videos in WordPress on blogs that are hosted by WordPress and not your own domain host (even if you use Vodpod to try and do it) so you’ll have to view the interview directly on their site here.


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